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Interview with Magazine is Up

Virtual Strategy magazine contacted me a few weeks ago expressing an interest in my book, Professional VMware Server, and wanted to strike up an interview.
Well, they just posted the podcast today and, in my humble opinion, it turned out great. While you’re at it, setup magazine in your reading list. They have a wealth of information in their white-paper and podcast repository. Just make your first stop my interview.

Virtual Strategy Magazine Book Review: Professional VMware Server


  1. I tried downloading the mp3 of the podcast but the link is broken. I’ve sent them an email asking them to restore it because I’m very interested in your book (being a user of VMWare Server).

  2. Thank you for the interest and I apologize for the trouble. I have contacted my POC at as well. Once I hear back I’ll post here with a status.

  3. The link to the downloadable mp3 has been fixed.

    Interview (mp3 format)

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