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Our Courses Overview

At VM Coder Company, we understand the importance of building high-quality and performant web applications. Our team of skilled Angular developers is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. With their expertise in Angular development, they can leverage the power of this popular JavaScript framework to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

Skills and Expertise:

1. Angular Framework: Our developers possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Angular, including the latest version (Angular 12 at the time of my knowledge cutoff). They are well-versed in developing web applications using Angular's powerful features and best practices.

2. TypeScript: Angular is built on TypeScript, a statically typed superset of JavaScript. Our developers are proficient in TypeScript, allowing them to write clean, scalable, and maintainable code for your projects.

3. HTML/CSS: Alongside Angular, our developers have a strong command of HTML and CSS. They can create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience of your web applications.

4. Single-Page Applications (SPAs): Angular is widely used for building SPAs, and our developers are well-equipped to develop these types of applications. They can implement client-side routing, lazy loading, and efficient data binding to create seamless and smooth user experiences.

5. Component-Based Architecture: Our Angular developers follow the component-based architecture promoted by Angular, which allows for modularity and reusability of code. They can create reusable components, ensuring faster development and easier maintenance of your applications.

6. RESTful APIs and Services: Our developers have experience integrating Angular applications with RESTful APIs and services. They can handle data retrieval and manipulation, as well as asynchronous operations, to provide real-time updates and seamless communication between the client and the server.

7. Testing and Debugging: Quality assurance is crucial in software development, and our Angular developers understand the importance of thorough testing. They are familiar with testing frameworks like Jasmine and Karma, enabling them to write unit tests and perform end-to-end testing to ensure the reliability and stability of your applications.

8. Performance Optimization: Our developers have a strong understanding of Angular's performance optimization techniques. They can optimize the loading time, reduce bundle sizes, and implement caching mechanisms to improve the overall performance of your web applications.

Hire Angular Developers from VM Coder Company:

When you choose VM Coder Company, you gain access to a team of dedicated Angular developers who are passionate about delivering top-notch web applications. Our developers stay updated with the latest Angular trends and practices to provide you with innovative solutions that meet your business objectives.

Whether you need to build a new web application from scratch or enhance an existing one, our Angular developers are ready to take on the challenge. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and let us assist you in transforming your ideas into reality.


  • Introduction to AngularJS
    • What is AngularJS?
    • History and version overview
    • Setting up the development environment
  • AngularJS Basics
    • AngularJS directives and expressions
    • AngularJS data binding
    • Controllers and scope
    • Modules and dependency injection
    • Filters and custom filters
  • Templates and Directives
    • Creating and manipulating templates
    • Built-in directives (ng-repeat, ng-if, ng-show, etc.)
    • Creating custom directives
  • Services and Factories
    • Understanding services and their role
    • Built-in services (e.g., $http, $timeout, $location)
    • Creating custom services and factories
  • Routing and Navigation
    • Setting up routes and navigation
    • Creating views and templates for different routes
    • Working with route parameters
  • Form Validation and Error Handling
    • Form validation using AngularJS
    • Error handling techniques
    • Displaying error messages
  • Working with RESTful APIs
    • Consuming RESTful APIs using $http
    • Handling HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
    • Authentication and authorization
  • Testing AngularJS Applications
    • Unit testing with Jasmine
    • Testing controllers, services, and directives
    • End-to-end testing with Protractor
  • Advanced AngularJS Concepts
    • Promises and asynchronous programming
    • Internationalization and localization
    • Performance optimization techniques


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