Interview with Magazine is Up

Virtual Strategy magazine contacted me a few weeks ago expressing an interest in my book, Professional VMware Server, and wanted to strike up an interview.
Well, they just posted the podcast today and, in my humble opinion, it turned out great. While you’re at it, setup magazine in your reading list. They have a wealth of information in their white-paper and podcast repository. Just make your first stop my interview.

Virtual Strategy Magazine Book

The next version of VMware Workstation to carry automation support, finally

You heard me, automation for VMware Workstation. We've wanted it for a while and now we have it. It of course remains to be seen just what we can do with Vix and the new integration.

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Eric Hammersley is a Software Architect, VMware Certified Professional, and Virtual Machine expert with over 15 years in the technology industry.  He is also the author of Professional VMware Server, a Wrox Professional Series title detailing the use of VMware Server in the software development environment.

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